To make the boundaries clear without affecting the aesthetics.
You will decide whether to keep everything away from prying eyes or allow a discreet eye contact.
Domogroup constructions for garden fences and gates are characterized by a variety of designs and high strength.

Our wooden fences & gates cover a huge range of options
special constructions and railings all adapted to your own dimensions and your own space.
They are produced in Greece, in our factory from first quality materials.

With over 70+ years of experience in the processing of solid wood, we find solutions
and we overcome any obstacle or difficulty that may arise.

All our products as well as ladders can be transported and installed
safely in every part of Greece and the world.


+(30) 210-68-12-340 | +(30) 210-68-22-270
+(30) 210-60-25-686 | +(30) 210-66-34-943