Made of wood

This phrase means a lot more to us than a slogan. Quality solid wood is deeply rooted in the philosophy of our constructions, for 70 years we produce items that respect this diamond of nature wood. Utilizing and highlighting each piece of wood separately both in its design and processing.

Our people, who are located in almost all the mountains of Greece, with the assistance of the local forest authorities, choose separate and special tree trunks, which are then followed by many months of processing, drying and fungalization.
These woods are exhibited in the exhibitions where the visitor can see and see choose from about 20 different types of wood, whatever unique piece he wants to make with us the furniture or construction he wants.

Types of wood

With over 70+ years of experience in the processing of solid wood,
we find solutions and jump any obstacle or difficulty that may arise.
All our products can be transported and placed safely in every part of Greece and the world.


+(30) 210-68-12-340 | +(30) 210-68-22-270
+(30) 210-60-25-686 | +(30) 210-66-34-943