Greek solid wood

At Domogroup you will find the largest variety in solid wood and trunks. This wood comes from Olympus and the Pieria Mountains and covers the whole variety of woody beech species, oak, karagatsi, splinter, robolo, chestnut and walnut.

They are carefully transported to the area of harvesting where they are separated and selected and followed in our saw where they are sliced vertically or horizontally.

This unique timber after being cleaned by bark and paraffella passes into drying and then infused with special ecological varnishes for protection against mold, insects and microorganisms.

In the second phase the woods are transferred to Athens in our Exhibition where you can see them and choose what you want.

Domogroup with over 70 years of experience in wood processing has also developed innovative techniques in its processing, such as special varnishes and aging dyes, smoking and burning techniques, soogy san etc.

In recent years has also been involved in the new very modern wood technique with liquid marble, epoxy or liquid glass.

Domogroup's solid wooden surfaces can find their place in infinite architectural and decorative applications starting from the structural parts Stairs, doors, kitchens etc. to furniture, fixtures, bathroom furniture and special constructions.

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