Innovation Dasso Bamboo


The great international company Dasso chose Domogroup for the
distribution and marketing of its unique products in Greece.

The whole methodology and processing of the material is international
patented method of the company DASSO.

This is a new technological breakthrough in woodworking

made 100% from Baboo fibers.

Its uses are ideal for large projects

indoors and outdoors.

Thats why this material has been selected

in some of the largest projects in the world.





Through heat treatment, dasso produces the preserved bamboo

dassoXTR for outdoor use in the classic "Espresso" color.

With the application of Ceramix technology, the external materials dassoCTECH

achieve long-term preservation of their original color - cognac.


Both dassoXTR and dassoCTECH are used for decking, wall cladding, roof cladding, fence, timber and panels for furniture and constructions.


Key Features of DASSO XTR and DASSO CTECH products



DASSO XTR type products
Material made with heat treatment technology with fibers fusion process


DASSO CTECH type products
Material made by crystallization of bamboo fibers and then impregnated with resin particles for complete inactivation of the material and maximum protection against bacteria, fungi and insects. Type T TECH materials.





The physical and mechanical properties of these materials are clearly superior
from the properties of other conventional and widely used wood species

used in similar applications.



It also provides class A fire protection,
Excellent behavior in particularly harsh conditions

outdoors and interiors

Long life

Requires minimal maintenance




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