Our age, tends to lure the human habits, actions and interests standarizing their character.

The diversity and the element of Hellenism is the bet of Domogroup. A creative response that resists the ease of standard products and insists on the continuous evolution of the charm inherent in handmade wooden construction.

The acquired knowledge,the ambition to be present and the target for future development
spawned the initiative to enrich Domogroup's team with architects, designers and artists who stand out for their talent and their insight.

That is why Domogroup's proposals are based on construction experience that meets current needs, at affordable prices and stands out for its distinctive aesthetic that refers to East and West through modern and traditional elements. An aged chestnut trunk itself probably is nothing, and so one cementitious cube: But when these two elements are combined, the result is a work of art.

The direct relationship of the construction with the intended environment and the people who will utilize it, is a priority of Domogroup. Creating spaces that will feature unique personality without following the easy solution of sterile replication. Moreover,
where others stop Domogroup finds the scope of those who envisions.

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