Kitchen combination of natural wood and black





Finishing Materials: Chestnut in combination with lacquer or cement mortar.
Door thickness: 2 cm
Box: marine plywood 2cm thick
Rubble: corresponding material with the door, height 10cm
Paint: wide range of paints in cement mortar and lacquer
Bench: marine plywood with cement mortar paint
Handle: built-in handful


"The island in the middle has access to the interior from both sides and is completed in terms of construction and design with the well-known Butcher Table, an exact copy of the corresponding old traditional.

The high units-canteens are also part of the traditional architectural design of the kitchen.

The solid cylindrical elements create uprights to support the shelves made of cement mortar, thus ensuring the aesthetic and functional needs. "



The Kimolos series that you will find in the libraries of our company is modified into a wonderful, simple and functional cloakroom.

Custom construction with the ability to adapt to all spaces. Design: kipseli architects


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