1. Generally

The online store reserves the right to freely modify or revise the terms, conditions of transactions, prices and products, whenever it deems necessary, without any notice, through the pages of this online store.

2. Copyright

This website is the intellectual property of Domogroup. For any information such as text, images, graphics present in the online store cannot be used for any commercial use, unless the law stipulates otherwise. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify part or all of the contents of this website in any way without the prior written consent of Domogroup.

3. Personal Data

The personal data of customers are used, based on Law 2472/97, exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders. This data is not transmitted to third parties.

4. Limitation of Liability

The online store in the context of its transactions through it is not responsible for further damages that may arise from the execution or non-execution of the orders or from the delay in execution, for any reason. The online store with the Domogroup brand cannot provide any guarantee for the availability of the products, but undertakes to promptly inform customers of non-availability. In no case is the store liable civilly or criminally for any damage (positive, special or consequential, which indicatively and not restrictively, disjunctively and/or cumulatively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) that may suffered by a visitor of the online store or a third party from a cause related to the operation or non-operation and/or the use of the website and/or inability to provide services and/or products and/or information available from it and/or from any non permitted third-party interventions in products and/or services and/or information available through it. The online store is committed to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the information listed, both regarding the identity of the company and the transactions provided through it. The online store is not responsible and is not bound for errors due to a detour when entering the electronic data in the store.

5. Company Identity

The name of our company is “PIERIOS MONOPROSOPI I K E || PIERIOS” with Tax Identification Number 801682381, DOU: A’ Athens, is based at Ermou 131 – 10555 – Athens and is legally represented by ArGEMI: 161414301000.

Contact info:

Telephone: 210-68-12-340
Email: info@domogoup.gr

6. Returns Policy

You can return the products of an order within fourteen (14) days from the day of issue of the corresponding document (receipt/invoice) and always in prior consultation with the company. Returns without notice are not accepted.
Items that are damaged or out of packaging cannot be returned.
Reports of any defective items can only be made in writing by email or registered letter within 5 days of receiving the goods and before using or installing them.
In the event of a return, the company reserves the right to charge 15% of the value of the returned items plus transportation, as long as they are not defective and our company is not responsible.
The inspection of the goods is charged from €20.00 to €40.00 depending on the case.

7. Availability

Availability is listed on each product page and depends on official dealerships. In any case, the Domogroup online store does not accept the order and consequently the money if the product is not available.

8. Cancellation Policy

In case the customer is not satisfied with a product or received a different product from the one he ordered, he has the right to return it within 6 days from the date of purchase.
Provided it has not been opened or used and is in the perfect condition it was received in its full packaging.

• In the event that it is not returned, during the above period of time, the domogroup company is entitled not to accept the return and therefore to refuse the replacement.
• The shipping costs are borne by the customer in every case of return and the only exception is the case where the customer received a different product or quantity from the order.
• After checking the product by the domogroup company and after finding that it meets the above conditions, the value of the product is returned to the customer.
• In all cases, the return of the product to be replaced should be made together with all the documents that accompanied the product (e.g. DAT, Retail Account, etc.)
• In case of return of the products, and provided that they have been previously received and ele